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New Chef! New menu! New sound! Late breakfasts! Karaoke tournaments!


Welcome to the Karaoke hall Restaurant AMBER!

For you – the professional karaoke system, support engineer and back-vocals help. Huge selection of songs.


1. Karaoke room works:

    Monday - Sunday from 22:00 to 5:00.

    The extension of the karaoke hall is paid in the amount of 2000 UAH / hour


2. The admission fee will be credited to your account:

    Sunday-Monday admission 100,00 UAH.

    Entrance Tuesday-Wednesday 100, 00 UAH.

    Thursday-Saturday entrance ticket 200,00 UAH.

    The number of songs you perform during the night is not

    limited !!!


3. Songs are performed in turn on tables. The table is entitled to

   the performance of two songs, if the table is six people or more


4. Two songs are allowed out of turn, no more than

   once per round. The cost of playing the song out of turn

   600 UAH for one song.


5. Applications with song numbers must be submitted before the

    onset queue, if no applications have been submitted in advance,

    the queue moves to the next table.


6. In case of damage to equipment, guests compensate for the cost

    of this equipment corresponds to the bill.

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